Hand in hand with specialists who have a comprehensive view of strategic communication, our clients position themselves among their target audiences and make their successful moments visible by using strategies and tools that set them apart.


Digital communication
Research, script, editing, broadcasting

Training for 2010 campaign debate

Simulation and performance evaluation

Autopistas del Sol

Massive campaign by radio, media, billboards
Creativity, design, production

Spokespeople training

Simulation and performance evaluation

Santa Elena

Corporate video
Concept, script, general production


Crisis management in a regional project
Media relations strategy

Bolsa Nacional de Valores

Creativity, design, production


Social responsibility in a regional project

Social investment report, research, writing, creativity, design, production

Santa Elena

Corporate newsletter as internal communication
Creation, design and production


Corporate events
Induction of P & G in Costa Rica
Strategy for Grand Opening: event and publicity program

Alimentos Prosalud

Marketing communication

Launch of new brand BADESI (Sardimar)
Strategy design and publicity program


Regional publicity campaign

Production and execution